Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

Earn Commission for Referrals

As an affiliate, you will earn commission on all successful referrals.

We pay affiliate commissions towards the end of every month. All affiliate commissions are paid via PayPal. We have a minimum payout balance of $100.

Referral Cookie Lifetime

When a customer clicks on your affiliate link, a cookie is set on their browser that tracks your referral. That cookie is stored for 30 days after the click. If the customer buys a plugin on a different browser, or after 30 days, the referral will not be awarded to you.

Refunds and Revoked Payments

Only referrals that are older than 30 days and are still in good standing (not refunded) will be included with the payout. If a payment has been refunded or revoked, we do not pay commission for the referral. We reserve the right to reject affiliate commissions for any reason. Normally, rejections for commission happen for two reasons:

  1. The sale that generated the commission has been refunded
  2. The referral method violated our policies (details below) or the spirit of our policies


Affiliate Program Policies

Approved Promotional Methods

Essentially: promotional methods should add value to Frenify, and as a result, we will end up paying you more commissions!

Examples of good promotional methods:

  • Refer clients to Frenify – Do you think Frenify plugins are a good fit for your clients or customers? Share an affiliate link with them!
  • Write a blog post or review – Show how a Frenify plugin can be used in different use cases, or show how to do a specific thing with a Frenify plugin.
  • Share on social networks – Send out tweets to your Twitter followers with your affiliate link. Share on Facebook. As long as you’re not spamming them, that’s a great way to get referrals.
  • Help others online – Lots of people can benefit from Frenify plugins but don’t know it yet! For example, a potential customer asks a question on a forum about how to display add extra variation images to their WooCommerce product gallery. In a helpful way, you reply that it’s possible using the Frenify plugin, WooThumbs for WooCommerce, and share your affiliate link.

Prohibited Promotional Methods

Affiliate programs are win-win: you get to promote a product you like and believe in, we make sales, and you make money from the commission.

  • Coupon sites are not allowed as a Frenify promotional method. Customers searching coupon sites are already highly motivated to buy a Frenify plugin. Promoting Frenify plugins via a coupon site does not add value to Frenify.
  • Pretending to be formally associated with Frenify. Affiliates are not employees, have no formal connection with Frenify.
  • Any form of spam. Email, link spamming, comment spamming, etc. will not be allowed. If you’re posting to a forum or comment thread, please follow the rules of the website you’re on.
  • Anything illegal, or morally offensive. That’s subjective, we know. Still, if we don’t like it for any reason, you’ll be banned from the program. This includes spam, for whatever definition of spam we want to use.
  • Don’t violate our trademarks. Don’t use “Frenify” in your domain name.
  • Confusing customers into thinking your site is operated or endorsed by Frenify (by copying our site’s design, for example) is not allowed.

Paid Search Guidelines

If you bid on keywords in any search engines or social media site like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, and Facebook:

  • Don’t bid to have your ad appear for terms with variations of Frenify name or our plugin names, such as “Frenify”, “Frenify WP”, “” etc.
  • Don’t bid to have your ad appear for Frenify with any additional terms, such as “Frenify coupons”, “Frenify discounts”, “Frenify promotions”. Broad matches are also not allowed (“[Frenify coupon]”)
  • Don’t use or any other Frenify website URL as the ad’s display URL
  • Don’t direct link to from any paid search ads. Instead, link to a landing page that users will then click through to access

Bad Behavior Honeypot

If you are trying to find loopholes in this agreement, it means you’re trying to violate the spirit of the agreement, which is against the rules.

Consequences of Bad Behavior

If we find your promotional methods to be not in keeping with these terms, we will reject commissions and disable your affiliate account. We will likely notify you when this occurs and let you know what we find to be in violation of these policies. We may not if it’s clear you’re a Bad Seed.


Other Stuff

By being an affiliate, you agree that your commissions are subject to approval before being paid. This affiliate agreement is not a contract. The affiliate relationship does not represent a formal agreement. You are not an employee of Frenify Ltd.

These terms are subject to change without notice. And other legalese-y stuff that you normally see here.

Don’t let this stuff scare you: we want to reward you for referring customers to Frenify! Thanks for being awesome, and good job reading the full agreement.

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